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K-Light Recycling was established in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2004. For over 15 we have specialized and contributed to the world of recycling, excelling in recycling new and reconditioned lighting products.  Within the past few years, K-Light changed focus to environmental lamp recycling services, providing recycling programs for a wide variety of lighting products which we recycle in our specially equipped facility.

The lamps we recycle, particularly fluorescent tubes, are incredibly damaging to the environment.  K-Light strives to maintain 100% of the lamp components are re-smelted and reused.

Our recycling facility is located at 1665 St. John Street. Click for map

Receiving hours are 9:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm-4:00 pm Monday to Friday (except for holidays)

1665 St. John St.Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4P 1R6
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(306) 359-3059

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K-Light Recycling can process a wide range of fluorescent tubes and HID lamps.  Lamps are crushed utilizing a self-contained crushing unit with an advanced filtration system specifically designed for trapping mercury and phosphor powder.

Mercury and phosphor powder that are collected in a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filter is safely sent to a retort facility for recovery.

We Recycle Everything:

All glass is recycled into road base. Metal gets remelted and reused. Phosphor powder containing mercury and mercury containing ampoules get sent to a retort facility for mercury to be reclaimed and used in manufacturing of new bulbs, mercury switches, etc.  Cardboard is recycled at a local recycler.

About our barrels:

Our custom made barrels are a great and safe way to transport all different kinds of bulbs without breakage. K-Light barrels have less than a 10th of a percent of breakage, they conveniently tuck away in a corner so they are out of the way and easy for pickup. Roughly 10-15 boxes will fit in one barrel depending on the bulb type!